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Some insights and pontifications from my personal artist manifesto. Still a work in progess to add more of my intentions  and reflections.



Mindful Engagement, Intention and Ritual. I will design the world I want to live in, not for the one that currently exists.

Ground Yourself

Take your shoes off and walk on bare ground in the woods on the beach, you connect with the earth and the sensations let you feel more instinctive. When you focus yourself on your senses and be mindful about every breath you take and every smell you discover. Let your primal self take over.

Build a skill-share community.


The creation of a radical alternative to consumerist lifestyle requires the creation of an accessible counter culture; the ability to opt-out of unethical practices by taking charge, making and fixing. This community of co-operative creative minds will be the root of a cultural revolution.


An open source  maker spaces with a library of tools reduces design elitism and the feeling of over-intellectualisation, making it more relaxed and accessible to passive consumers.


This will be central to start creating a system for active and ecologically conscious individuals.

Don't supress your inner child, be spontaneous


Taking yourself too seriously causes self-inflicted stress. Laughing and being playful releases endorphins.

When we suppress our emotions it can lead to strained relationships. I believe you shouldn’t apologize for the emotions you have but use wisdom to analyse why you have them.

Surround yourself with a personal museum.


All objects will have a story, history or personal significance, inspire creativity and represent my values. Do not get taken in by novelty tat and consumerist impulses.

What would John do?


This one is very personal to me specifically, but I believe everyone has their own version of ‘John’. It’s someone who you look up to and admire. This could also be an imaginary character or the 'best' version of yourself


It’s useful to admire someone else’s traits and apply them to yourself as it’s easier to see good things about other people, so you can them apply them to yourself.

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