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The Lore

My name is Mez and I am a Radical Craftivist and maker in Manchester, UK.

Using a diverse range of  sustainable and local materials materials and a mix of experimental and  traditional methods, I upcycle, weave and co-create.


Main materials I have played with are: wood, willow, Hedegrow and foraged curiosities, clay, waste textiles and organic human beans.

About Me.

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitain University/ Manchester School of Art in 2020 - BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design. My third year was during the COVID lockdown, so my final piece, thich was a Cob and ecobrick herb spiral, ended up being in Platt Fields Market Garden with Gaskell Garden Project.

Following this I started MAD Sustainable Design as a vehicle for my continued persuit of craft and activism.

I have worked with all sorts of fantastic, radical people and organisations including: Groundwork, The Kindling Trust, Tibetan Kitchen, The Herb Society UK, Boilerhouse, Willow Wand, Manchester Urban Diggers, Whalley Range Community Forum, Chorlton Arts Festival and many more.



Visually I investigates the enchanting shapes and patterns of fungal mycelia and tree roots, this influences my sculpture and clay creations. I like to make things that are temporary. There is a beauty and knowing that that the earth works in cycles and things arent meant to last forever. Rusting, rotting and decomposing are beautiful transformations.

I hold and facilitate Workshops, Craft and also take Commissions including community driven sculpture: E.g. womens groups and garden volunteers have created modular willow archways.

My parent are both Biologists, My mother went from working in a large drug company, becoming disillusioned with the  the disconnect between profit driven indutry and treating symptoms instead of causes of ill health , so she became a Herbalist. This is where I got my knowledge and love for the natural world and its abundance.


I also make banners from upcycled materials including salvaged tents and various other crafts for activism groups based on environmental and social change. This includes hundreds of flags, bunting for themed festivals, organised cooking surplus food, organisational logistics and volunteers for 15+ events including fundraisers and day festivals, led a lantern parade for a common land group and more.

All the crafts and community work that I do is because of my passion for chaos.

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