Melissa Daniel: Artist and Craftswoman


Melissa is a Designer/Maker whose practice is driven by sustainability. She graduated from Manchester Metropolitain University/ Manchester School of Art in 2020 - BA (Hons) Three Dimensional Design.


Her main materials are green wood, biomaterials and clay. During her third year at University she began experimenting with the potential of 'Cob' - a traditional building material made from clay, sand and straw.

Visually she investigates the enchanting shapes and patterns of fungal mycelia and tree roots, giving her work a biophilic aura. Describing herself as a 'craftivist', she is filled with ingenuous optimism for the planet, using her craft to make statements about our 'throw-away' society.


“I like to make things that are temporary. There is a beauty and knowing that that the earth works in cycles and not everything lasts forever.”